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Shark ION Robot R87 Review

By on May 18, 2020 in Indoor with 0 Comments

Shark is known for being one of the best in marketing vacuums. Being one of the best already gives the impression to its models like Shark ION Robot R87. With a budget-considerate price, the Shark ION Robot R87 offers a fair share of its advantages and disadvantages.


The shape of the robot vacuum is a generally circular shape, which is too safe if you want your robot vacuum to stand out. It has a black and gray finish – quite similar to other Roomba models. 

It measures 12.6 inches in diameter and 2.6 inches in height, which is relatively small than all of Shark’s offered models. Its small size makes it fit in small and narrow spaces and ideal for small houses and apartments. 

At its top, you will see three buttons: one for standard cleaning, the other for a spot cleaning, and the last one for returning the robot vacuum to its charging dock. At the back is the dustbin that you can easily pullout just by pressing the button. At the bottom, there are two spinning side brushes and a roller brush.


It’s very easy to setup. Before using it, download its companion app. It will provide you instructions on how to connect your robot vacuum to your Wi-Fi. Turn on the Shark ION Robot R87 and settle it on the charging dock

You can now begin your first cleaning session either by pressing the button on the robot vacuum itself or the home screen of its companion app.



  • Cleaning Modes

Shark ION Robot R87 only offers two modes, which are very limited in line with other robot vacuums that offer many more modes for various situations. The two modes are general and spot cleaning mode. The general cleaning mode offers standard cleaning performance which is perfect for overall cleaning. If you plan to focus and provide intense and thorough cleaning in one specific area, click the spot cleaning mode.

  • Smart Sensor Technology

This robot vacuum has proximity sensors that make your robot avoid getting stuck on objects and colliding on some furniture and walls. You surely wouldn’t see any furniture and wall get scratches from your robot vacuum.

Its cliff sensors also work incredibly great and are far more effective than Roomba’s. You will not have to worry about it getting stranded on the bottom of a landing. 

  • Cleaning Schedules

You can create cleaning schedules on its app. Being able to schedule the cleaning sessions of your robot vacuum is a big advantage for busy people to avoid forgetting the maintenance of your house. 

  • Cleaning History

If you want to keep updated on its cleaning sessions, you may check on the History tab of R87’s companion app. You can see the cleaning time and the number of cleaning cycles performed by your robot vacuum. 

  • Find My Bot

With this feature, you won’t have to worry about losing your robot vacuum just inside your house. In case you lose sight of your Shark ION Robot R87, just click this button on the companion app and it will make your robot vacuum sound its alert beep. 

  • Self-cleaning brush roll and dual side brushes

These brushes help the Shark ION Robot R87 do the work. With these, your robot vacuum will be able to clean edges and corners and can switch automatically between hard floors and carpets. 

  • Self-grooming system

Shark ION Robot 75’s self-grooming system allows its brush roll to untangle and manage hair falls, fiber, and string; which will avoid you to do the work. This feature is most suitable for users who have pets or just people with long hair. 

  • Tri-Brush System

You can expect Shark ION Robot to provide you a powerful clean with its tri-brush system. The tri-brush system is composed of side brushes, channel brushes, and a multi-surface brush roll who work all at one to do powerful cleaning.

  • Compatibility

You can connect it to your Wi-Fi with the companion app’s guide and instructions. After connecting it to your Wi-Fi, you can then pair it to its companion app. Aside from those, it’s also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant which is good if you prefer voice controls. 

Shark Vacuum returning to base charge station.


Lots of people expect a lot with its amazing features just at a low price. Its sensors surely work great and are proven on reviews given by owners of this robot vacuum. You can easily give a command without stopping whatever you’re doing since its compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and it has a companion app.

However, with all its effective and amazing features, some are still not happy with it. Some reports that its total cleaning performance is not as good as other models. It can clean and pick up debris just as good as any of its competition.

Its battery life can run up to 60 mins. But the duration can vary with some reasons: how dirty your floor is, how large your house is, and how many obstacles should it avoid during work. 


Make sure to turn off your R87 before maintenance. To empty the dustbin, press the “Dust Bin Release” button. Open the lid by pressing and holding the button while lifting the lid and then put into trash all the collected debris. It is ideal to clean it after every session

You should clean the filter every week. After removing and emptying the dustbin, clean any hair or debris off the anti-tangle comb located at the back of the dust bin. Pull the filter out. Tap the filter lightly and then put it back after doing so. It’s ideal to replace the filter every two weeks. 


Overall, it justifies what you pay. It has some downsides: low battery life and lack of advanced navigation system. But if you plan to buy a robot vacuum that can still provide you advanced features at a low price, consider this one.


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