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RoboMow RL850 Robotic Cordless Electric Lawn Mower Review

By on July 19, 2014 in Outdoor with 0 Comments

Admit it. You hate mowing the lawn, and you wish you had a reliable person who could turn up, and get the job done. Well now there is something reliable that you can use. Its the Robomow RL850, and its designed to make your summer lawn headaches disappear completely.

The Robomow RL850 will save you time, and money when it comes to cutting your grass. Its obvious that it will save you time you might think, but how will it save you money? Well remember that it’s electric, so you can plug it in and just recharge it. No more fuel, and smelly fumes. There isn’t any oily parts to change either, so your hands can stay clean.

Environmentally friendly

robomow 850 reviewA traditional lawn mower can produce as much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as 20 average cars gives give out in an hour of driving. So if you are concerned with your current environmental footprint, then this will help reduce that. Although it does take a while to charge up for operation, its more than worth it. You can also purchase a separate rapid charger, but if you use it only a couple of times a week, then it will be fine the way you purchase it.

Garden Parameter

There is a length of thin wire included with the mower that allows you to set the boundary and the limits of where the mower will cut to. This makes it great too, if you want to specifically narrow the mower to a certain part of your garden. Incase your garden is even larger, or you want to segment the cutting in a different way, you can purchase extra perimeter wire, click here.


robomow relaxThe Robomow is a powerful and heavy duty lawn mower, and runs on 24 volt batteries. It has 3 grass cutting blades which spin at a combined 5,800 RPM. This is twice the speed of a typical lawn mower, so it will even do a better job than you too. You can even set the height of the blades to give a finer cut, depending on your gardening needs.

The  Robomow RL850 cuts your lawn in a crisscross direction, and can cover a upto a massive 10,800 square feet of coverage on a single charge. It also uses grass recycling, which means it disperses the grass that it cuts, back over the lawn. So carrying bags of cut grass is also a thing of the past now. Its also much better for your lawn too, as the nutrients and the moisture is absorbed back into the soil.


The mower comes with safety features too, just to make sure that if your children happen to get in contact with the mower, they can’t tamper with it. This is the child lock. There is a special onboard sensors that can detect any obstacles that are in the Robomowers path, such as trees or rocks. Its also one of the most quietest automatic lawn mowers on the market, so you can cut your lawn even after your late home from work. Everything you need to take the hassle out of lawn cutting, and instead spend your time relaxing in the summer. Take a look at one today.


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