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iRobot Roomba 980 Review

By on May 7, 2020 in Indoor with 0 Comments

One of the discouraging things on having a vacuum cleaner is the fact that even though it is meant to clean, you still have to spend some time picking up splattered toys, clothes, and some furniture before using it. Or else, you will need to keep on replacing it because it got stuck on something on the floor.

And sadly, almost every vacuum cleaner still does not improve on that field yet. Upon buying, you will see that they put some warnings on the manual to keep away some things that may be a hindrance to the vacuum. Most of the time, they will offer you some features that can help your vacuum be guided on where to go and not to.

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But, luckily, iRobot Roomba 980 will not give you the same headache. Upon buying, you’ll notice that they would do almost all the work, with just a little of your help. If you’re willing to pay the right amount, you might as well invest in this quality robot vacuum.

 iRobot Roomba 980 is considered to be one of the best robotic vacuum cleaners for its good mapping capabilities, varying suction levels depending on the floor type, and its ability to go back to its home dock whenever it needs a little boost and gets back to work after getting recharged.

One of is best perks is its app control ability. You wouldn’t have to move to the couch at all. Just use its application and it will work on its own. Seems like magic right? Well, this is because this robot vacuum can connect to your Wi-Fi, thus, giving you the ability to control it through its application on your smartphone. How fun, right? But to be fair, it’s not the only robot vacuum that offers the same feature.

Bottom Side of Roomba
Bottom Side

Well to give it a boost, the application’s feature seems a lot of fun! It has a “Clean Map Report” that will provide you information on where your cleaner (robot vacuum) has already cleaned, how many square feet, and which spot is the dirtiest. Aside from that, you can make it turn to an eco-mode if you want. And if it ever gets stuck somewhere and you can’t seem to find it, just press the “Locate Roomba” button.

There are other buttons too on the Roomba itself. First, the Clean button. Which does what it’s named: Clean. Upon pressing, it would wake up and play a jingle so you have to press it again to officially start your cleaning session. The other button is called “Home”. When you press this one, the robot vacuum automatically goes to its home duck and wait for further instructions. And lastly, the “Spot” button which will make the robot vacuum stay in one place, which is beneficial to those spots that have thick stains.

Before I forget to mention, it is very hassle-free in terms of scheduling the robot vacuum. You can customize it by your personal preference. Different schedules per day? No problem! It also features something called “Dirt Detect”. From the reviews I checked, it seemed to work finely.

Another good thing to consider having this iRobot Roomba 980 is that it has a feature called “rubber carpet agitator”. Well, that feature certainly is unique. What makes it unique is that once it gets on the carpeted floor, it steps up its game, really. The feature was created to make that tangled carpet brushes a thing of the past that you should never go back to.

Battery Charger

How can they do so? Well, once the iRobot Roomba 980 senses that it’s already on a carpeted floor, it adjusts its motor to high gear for deeper cleaning. Rest assured that when it gets done on the carpet are, you’ll spot few to no bristles at all!

Its battery life surely is long! It can work by itself effectively for two hours. And after that hours, it will go back to its home dock without requiring you to stop what you’re doing and pick it up.

It measures 35 cm in diameter and weighs around 8.7 pounds (3.95 kg), making its head a little larger than the average robot vacuums have. But don’t think so little of it just because it’s quite bigger. Even with its big size, it can definitely go through narrow places because of its circular design and rotating body.

But even though with its good features, it still shares a few downsides. One of its downsides is the noise it may create during work. Especially if it works on the carpeted floor and the motor is on high-gear, it can reach up to 80 dB which is kind of discouraging. Even though you go on the robot vacuum’s eco-mode, it will create noise but can still reach about 70 dB.

Another thing to pay attention to is how it lacks a remote control for manual instruction and operation. It is quite tiresome to watch it just passing by on the mess and not cleaning it. If you want it to get noticed by your robot vacuum, you might need to put it near the spot and push the Clean button.

And lastly, it’s expensive. Well, this one’s not discouraging if you don’t worry about paying lots of money for a vacuum cleaner. But if you’re on a budget, or just trying to save, you should think twice about buying this. There are other robot vacuum cleaners that may offer the same, exact, or better services with better deals in terms of pricing. But at the end of the day it’s still your personal preferences that would win.

Having a vacuum cleaner is a good investment especially if your family makes quite a mess, you have pets, or you’re just too busy to clean your own mess. iRobot Roomba 980 truly has a fair share of great pros and some cons. It’s up to your personal preference, and budget, if you want to invest in a quality robot vacuum like this one. As we wrap this up, I hope I gave you enough information for you to decide whether you should go for this one or not.


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