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iRobot Roomba 880 Vacuum Review

By on July 7, 2014 in Indoor with 0 Comments

The irobot 880 can easily deliver a great cleaning experience for any home. It does this by using the AeroForce Performance Cleaning System which works by combining the custom extractors built in to the irobot with a high performance acceleration airflow.

Its best point for any busy family with or without pets, is the fact that it is virtually maintenance free as it it programmed to maintain itself. It does this with its tangle free extractors, and high performance vacuum technology, that sets this model apart from the previous models.



The irobot has built in Responsive Navigation Technology,  that enables the robot to find its way around any home with absolutely no supervision. You can trust this robot to skip past any obstacle, that are lying under tables left by kids, or laundry on the floor in the bathroom.

The robot can negotiate different floor heights to go room to room, so you can sit back after a hard days work, with your feet up and a glass of wine. You can set up a virtual wall in a room till its complete using the virtual wall lighthouse.

The virtual wall lighthouses use infrared technology that will then open up once the floor has been cleaned to perfection. The roomba comes supplied with 2 Virtual Wall Lighthouses. It has special built in cliff detection technology that will stop it from tumbling down any steps in the house.

880 roomba cleaning the carpet

880 roomba cleaning the carpet


The irobot uses the XLife Extended Life Battery that hold twice as many cleaning cycles as any previous roomba model, this means that it lasts twice as long between battery changes. For best results always go with roombas directed settings according to your home environment. You can purchase replacement batteries if needed, as well as HEPA allergy filters here if needed.


The scheduling feature on the roomba is perfect for presetting tasks for when you’re out and about at times during your busy day, or even when at home just wanting some downtime and not having to do the housework. You can preset the roomba up to 7 times a week at your convenience.

Another handy feature of the roomba is the fact that the unit returns to the docking station after its works complete, ready for recharge so you dont have to do a thing except relax.

iroomba 880 carpet pet hair cleaning HEPA filters

iroomba 880 carpet pet hair cleaning HEPA filters

An extra large HEPA filter is perfect for your pet hairs whether your dogs or cats are moulting, or your cats are coughing up the hairballs on your brand new rug. The unit has wall-following technology that allows the robot to clean edges to perfection.

The robot has been tested and shown to pick up 50% more dirt and harmful allergens than any previous model, from carpets laminate or hardwood or tile floors. There is also an infra red remote control. There are also apps available that you can use for your android or iphone for handy remote assistance.

Compared to upright vacuums and hoovers the roomba picks up much more dirt that the uprights struggles with. It’s time to throw away those old dysons and get yourself a home maid in the shape of a friendly irobot frisby.


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