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iRobot Looj 330 Gutter Cleaning Robot Review

By on August 13, 2014 in Outdoor with 0 Comments

Are you already fed up cleaning your home’s gutter? Maybe you would like to start a small business cleaning other peoples gutter, and need a reliable assistant. This is where the Looj 330 gutter cleaning robot comes in. Its a simple to use cleaning robot that can do the job even better and quicker than you could do it yourself.

1 Touch Cleaning

It has a simple 1 button click cleaning mode that makes it super easy for you to just place it into your home gutter and make it start cleaning right out of the box. You can be confident too that the cleaner will be able to make it all the way to the end of the gutter as its fitted with an updated lithium ion battery.

Even if your gutter is clogged up with leaves and dirt, it will still get through the job. It also holds the charge of the battery really good to, and will still work just like it is new even after storage in your garage all winter.

When you are using the looj, it means that your ladder climbing is reduced,and instead of spending time climbing up and down your ladder, you can climb up, set it to work along the gutter, take a well deserved break, and then climb back up to collect at the end of the gutter. There are hundreds of accidents every year from climbing ladders, so you’re more safe using the looj to do the work.

The Design of the Looj

looj 330The design of the looj is different from previous models. Its height in size is just under 2 inches, and its 3 inches wide. This means that the looj gutter cleaner will work on more gutters than ever before.

Its waterproof too, and makes it easy for cleaning, you can just spray it with a hose, after its done its job for the day. The looj also has a belt clip included. This allows you to carry it hands free up high heights with your ladder feels safer than ever.

You will need to purchase a philips star screw driver to attach the nose cone to the looj. You will also need 2 AA batteries to use the remote control handle.

How the Looj works

The looj will clean the average house sizes gutters in around 30 minutes, giving you an easy time, as your hands won’t be getting covered in dirt, and you won’t be sweating either. The Looj will do all of that for you without any complaints

The Looj has a screw and drilling device, which is called an auger. This works by rotating like a corkscrew, and as it moves along, it turns the screw dislodging any material or dirt that is in its way. Even if the dirt is dense and difficult to dislodge, the looj will detect this and adjust itself properly. It uses its sensors, and works out how hard it needs to push the dirt out.

Looj Technoligy

The Looj gutter cleaner is fitted with sturdy polypropylene sweepers to really give even tough moss, and ingrained dirt a shift. It is always best to use the looj after it has been raining, as the dirt is easier for the looj to move then. The looj will work almost every type of gutter available including copper, vinyl, metal, and even K-style aluminium.

When you carry the looj up your ladder, you carry it by the handle, and then when you place it in the gutter, the handle comes of and works as a remote control. This is great as you can use the remote to move it forward or backward, and also to change the direction of the rotation, so the Looj throws the debris in the correct direction, away from your house. It is controlled wireless via the remote control.

This is a really must have home help gadget if you are already sick of having to clean your own home gutters. Its not a job that anyone can really enjoy, except the Looj. Make one a part of your family today.


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