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iRobot Braava 380t Floor Mopping Robot Review

By on July 19, 2014 in Indoor with 0 Comments

Battery & charging

The Braava has a rechargeable battery that lasts for upto 3 hours at a time for basic dry sweeping, and if you need it to complete wet mopping then the battery lasts for upto 2 hours. There is a turbo charge cradle that will also recharge the batter of the Braava in less than 2 hours. If you are juggling a busy life, with children, and maybe even a dinner party, you can easily have your Braava fully charged and ready to go after a couple of uses.

How it works

irobot braava 380tIts so easy to get started with the robot mopper, all you do is attach a disposable cleaning cloth, or use the included reservoir pad with a microfiber cloth, and then place the Braava on the floor, and allow it to do its work. It will happily clean as much as 350 square feet on its single charge too. You can select from the 2 modes, either sweep or mop. Once its finished just dispose of the cleaning cloth, and allow the iRobot to charge back up in its cradle. If you need extra cleaning cloths for your Braava, then you can purchase them here.

There is also perfect edge technology included which means those wall edges, and corner dirt becomes a thing of the past. It will clean right up to the edges of most of the corners that it can reach.

Navigation system

irobot braava 380 resevior

irobot braava 380 reservoir

The irobot Braava 380t has built in smart sensor technology that allow it to sense stairs, rugs, and any carpet transitions, so it will stay within your tiled or hard floor surface until it finishes the job completely. It uses the patented Northstar navigation technology, and works by placing a cube in the room you want to clean, and then the Braava will clean that room, and use the cube as its point of reference to keep it right. You can also purchase additional cubes, and have it move from room to room, cleaning as it goes.

The reservoir pad

There is a detachable reservoir pad that you can fill and empty over your sink. The Braava will use this reservoir, (traditionally we would use the more technical name “bucket”) to keep the cloth wet, and you can also include some floor wash or bleach too.

What’s included with your purchase

When you buy a Braava, you will receive the wall charger, batteries, the turbo cradle, cleaning pad and reservoir system. There is also a microfiber mopping cloth included too. Everything you need to through your old mop and bucket out, and actually get someone who will do the job with a without a single complaint.


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