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iRobot Braava 320 Floor Mopping Robot Review

By on August 14, 2014 in Indoor with 0 Comments

If you’re after a helping hand to mop your kitchen or bathroom floor, then the Braava 320 could be the ideal home companion. Its perfect if you want to quit your really exciting mopping career, and save yourself loads of time.

Braava 320 Coverage Area

It can cover up to a huge 800 square foot area in one cleaning cycle. If you just select the mopping option it will clean up to 250 square feet too. This gives your floor a really nice finish, and is certainly much better than you could probably do with a mop and bucket

Braava 320 Battery

The battery is great on the 320. It can run for upto 3 hours on a single charge, which should be long enough for even the largest floors. Braava’s have also been used on hospital and factory floors too. It makes it easy to get all your cleaning jobs done, especially if you have a large industrial floor to clean, and you want to multi task.

Braava 320 Cleaning Cloths

irobot 320The Braava can work with the specially developed micro cloths, and you can also use an average domestic disposable cloth too. If you are wondering about how loud the cleaner is, you can relax, as its quiet enough to work away without disturbing you. Its also slow and quiet enough to not disturb small animals such as cats and small dogs.

Braava 320 Navigation

It uses the specially designed northstar navigation system, to systematically clean all around your floors. It will happily navigate around furniture, and it will also clean to the very edge of the room perimeter. This is called the perfect edge technology.

It uses an internal GPS tracking system, where it detects where it has already cleaned, and what obstacles are in the room. It can operate on different types of floors, including vinyl, laminate, tiled, and hardwood too. You can even use special hardwood floor spray, and just spray directly onto the cloth before it starts.

How does the Braava 320 work?

It runs on a one touch operation once you have attached the cloth to the bottom of the Braava. You can then just press the go button and leave it to work, even leave the house if you want. If you are using the special microfibre cloths that you can purchase here, you can-use them and just give them a wash once the Braava has finished.

The Braava 320 is perfect if you have children or are a regular dog walker with a dog that loves to get dirty. It can’t scrub a floor, but it can keep your floor clean from dirty marks and foot or paw prints. Its great to just keep your floor looking fresh all day long.


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