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Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 930 Review

By on May 17, 2020 in Indoor with 0 Comments

With all the robot vacuums in the market that offer the same features, looking for the best robot vacuum is quite a hassle. But this is not a problem for the Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 930. This robot vacuum stands out for some reason. We’ll discuss all of its features, advantages, and disadvantages later on.  

Every busy and lazy people’s archenemy is cleaning. This is their greatest foe especially when their house is big; and one way to beat that archenemy is by using a vacuum cleaner. But you know what’s greater? You guessed it right… a Robot Vacuum


What makes a robot vacuum better than a vacuum cleaner is that it’s easier to operate. With all of its advanced featured and smart technology, you wouldn’t have to spend all of your time cleaning the whole house. It will do your job! 

The only field where have vacuum cleaners have a say is on suction powers. We can’t deny the fact that some corded vacuum cleaners have greater suction power than most robot vacuums have. Also, vacuum cleaners and robot vacuums are known for not covering mopping duties which makes it quite a hassle. 

Well, you don’t have to worry about those because Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 930 got you covered! Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 930 makes it possible for its user to have a dual-functioning robot vacuum that can be used for cleaning or mopping!

What to expect?

Upon purchase and delivery, you’ll get a box that you will notice to be divided into neat compartments. All the parts and robot vacuum will be labeled with graphics that help the user know where to find anything. Aside from the robot vacuum, the package contains a charging dock, direct suction option, reservoir, cloth plate, IM package, cleaning tool, two high-efficiency filter, two cleaning cloths, and four side brushes.  


This robot vacuum is made and shaped with a generic circular shape. The top of the robot vacuum has a circular protrusion where the robot vacuum’s sensors houses. Aside from those it also has the lid that covers the power and reset button, avoids the cleaning tools from falling out of the robot vacuum, and secures the bin. 

At the back, there’s a removable clear plastic tank, the reservoir, which you can fill with water for mopping purposes. Its undercarriage has two detachable brushes and a long bar brush. 


As you set it up, you might need to charge your Ozmo 930 first. The duration of charging will depend on how much battery life your robot vacuum initially has, but its maximum duration for charging is about four hours. The charging dock should have a wide space, about half a meter for each side, and a meter for its front. 

The next thing you should do is download the Ecovacs app, which is both available for Android and iOS. After downloading, it will provide you a step-by-step guide for connecting your robot vacuum to your Wi-Fi and then to the application. 

With these done, your robot vacuum is ready to go. Have I mentioned already that this robot vacuum can talk? Well, it does! To start its first run, you can either click the Auto button from the robot vacuum itself or the Auto button on the home page of Ecovacs application. On its first run it will map your whole house. Don’t be shocked if it says “I’m starting to clean.”


  • Cleaning Modes

This Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 930 offers three cleaning modes which are Auto, Custom, and Area mode. Custom mode lets you decide where you want your robot vacuum to clean. Area mode makes you pick a specific room where your robot vacuum will work. The auto mode is used for standard cleaning.

  • House Mapping

The first run is on the auto mode that will intelligently map the entire house and will then create a visual map of your home. After creating the visual map of your home, it will then plan a cleaning path that’s highly efficient and has less to none missing. 

  • Virtual Boundary

It also offers you to put a virtual boundary to restrict your robot vacuum from going and cleaning to specific places. 

  • Flexibility

Another great thing about its cleaning performance is that it can work on various floor types. With its carpet detection function, the Ozmo 930 will automatically boost its suction power. If it detects the hard floor, it will use the vacuum and map combo to clean the floors deeply and thoroughly. 

  • Scheduled Cleaning

You can schedule cleaning sessions on the application to avoid forgetting cleaning duties. 

  • Automatic Charging

Your robot vacuum is already running low? No worries, you don’t have to stop what you’re doing to charge it. It will automatically go home to its charging dock. If it’s in the middle of a cleaning session and its battery already went low, it will return to its charging dock and after getting fully charged, it will go to where it stopped working. 

  • Voice Reporting

This feature makes the robot vacuum unique. Expect it to report to you in case any update happens. Samples of its reports are, “I’m starting to clean” when it starts a session and “I’m suspended.” when it gets stuck and when it’s lifted during a cleaning session. 

  • Handle

Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 930 features a slick handle which helps on users that have multi-storied houses. 

  • Mopping System 

Its mopping system draws water consistently from the reservoir when mopping. And you don’t have to worry about your carpets and rugs because the sensors automatically avoid those when in mopping mode. 

  • Interchangeable suction inlet

You can always change your suction inlet depending on what your needs are. You can use the main brush for greater lift and a deeper cleaning, which is most suitable on carpets, and change it to tangle-free suction inlet if you want to focus on collecting hairs and not having an issue with tangles!


With all its amazing features, you can rely on this robot vacuum to provide you deep cleaning with its suction power. Their carpet-specialized features make this Ozmo 930 have an edge among other robot vacuums. 

It has a 110-minute battery life which is enough to clean some rooms before returning to its charging dock. Also, aside from its application, you can control it with Amazon Alexa which makes it much easier to operate. 

The downside of this is it can only map one floor. So, if you have a multi-storied house, it can be quite a concern. Another thing is that it charges for four hours, which is quite a lot of time. But its overall performance is surely incredible. 


Its bin capacity is 470 milliliter, enough to clean it every two sessions. But it still depends on how big and how dirty your house is. To empty the bin, open the lid at the top of Ozmo 930, pull the handle and lift it. Note that the sides of the bin open up, so turn it before opening. Align the handle to the notch and fold it back to replace the empty bin. 

Before replacing it, check the place where the empty bin was in to see if there are any dust left. If there are, clean it before replacing it. 

To clean the undercarriage, use the mentioned cleaning tool earlier which is located at the top of the robot vacuum. It has a soft bristle brush intended for cleaning the body of the robot vacuum and a blade on the other side to get tangled hairs off the wheels and bar brush. 


All in all, Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 930 offers you a nice deal. This one’s surely for you if you want to avoid spending too much time on house chores and if you want something to get the task done for you. 

What makes it win the hearts of its user more is that it’s compatible with Amazon Alexa, it has a voice report, and it has the ability to mop! What more can you ask for? The price may look so expensive but there are far more expensive models and units but can’t offer the same features the Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 930 can give. 

So, if you can pay a good amount of money for a very efficient and functional robot vacuum, consider buying Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 930.

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